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Welcome to Bethel Healthcare Institute, Inc. (CNA and GNA)

It is a pleasure to welcome you on behalf of BHI board of directors, faculty and staff. We treasure the confidence you have entrusted to us to impart new knowledge, teach marketable skills, and provide career development services to help you begin or renew an exciting career in health care. Your goal to become an important member of the health care team can be achieved in just a few weeks. Through regular class attendance, quality study time and making the grade, you will succeed. The people you will meet at the Institute are highly motivated and friendly. No one is too busy to welcome you, give a word of encouragement or a gentle reminder to stay focused and always keep your goal(s) in sight.

You will find that the curriculum is fast paced and interspersed with “fun” learning. In addition to theory, you will also get hands on experience in a clinical setting. This in-depth training will open doors of new opportunities as well as prepare you to take charge of your future.

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Our Mission Statement

Bethel Healthcare Institute is established to provide appropriate instruction and occupational skills training that will enable individuals to:

  • Obtain a nursing assistant job qualification in a short period
  • Learn basic patient care trade skills.
  • Qualify to apply for entry level nursing assistant employment
  • Earn income
  • Further career growth and development.
About Us
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    Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

    We provide the best Certified Nursing Assistant training to make you ready for the challenges of the industry.

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    Geriatric Nursing Assistant (GNA)

    Let’s help you prepare to become a successful Geriatric Nursing Assistant just as you wish.

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    4 and 6-Week Training Program

    Establishing a career in health care is easier than you think. Train now in just four weeks!

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